Eye exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams for Accurate Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

At Aslett-Kurica Eye Center, we believe in providing complete eye exams to help diagnose any problems you may be having with your vision or eye health. Our certified ophthalmologists make it their mission to provide you with both the education and tools you need to see clearly in your daily life.

We use a wide range of tests and procedures to ensure your comfort and to also get an accurate reading on your eyes’ condition. With our advanced technology and highly skilled staff members, we examine your eye health and provide the solution that meets your needs.

During a complete eye exam, we may administer the following tests to determine your eye health and vision strength:

Vision Acuity test
Retinal Imaging test
Pupil dilation
Depth Perception test
Eye Muscle test
Refraction assessment
Visual Field test
Slit-Lamp Exam
Color vision test

Depending on your eyesight and results, we may preform additional and more in-depth tests to assess your eye health. As certified ophthalmologists, we are able to offer comprehensive care for minor and major eye conditions and problems. 

We provide assistance and procedures such as:

Laser vision correction
Retina services
Cataract Surgery
Diabetic Retinopathy
Glaucoma services
Eye condition therapy
And more

If you need a general eye exam or a more in-depth procedure, call us at Aslett-Kurica Eye Center today and we will help you get your vision back.