Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery from Your Qualified Ophthalmologist in LaPlace

Your eyes provide one of your most important senses, your vision. Over the years, eye doctors have made huge strides in vision correcting technology and help people keep their sight at its best longer than ever before. Today, the doctors at Aslett-Kurica Eye Center offer the best and safest eye surgeries for the most effective vision restoration available.

From cataract to glaucoma surgery, we can help restore your vision back to normal with both reliable and safe procedures. All of the doctors at Aslett-Kurica are highly qualified and experienced in performing corrective eye surgeries and will recommend what is best for both you and your vision. Whether you need retinal treatment or Lasik eye surgery, we will pinpoint exactly what is happening with your vision. Building you a treatment plan, we will ensure you are comfortable and on your way to clearer vision.

If you are experiencing any vision loss such as blurred vision, side vision loss, impaired night vision or any other concerning symptoms, contact Aslett-Kurica Eye Center today. We are here and ready to help you with any vision problems you are experiencing and can perform the eye surgery you need to get your vision back safely and accurately.