glaucoma services

Medical and Surgical Glaucoma treatments for optimal vision restoration and comfort

Glaucoma is an eye disease that, left untreated, can cause permanent damage to your optic nerve. Damage to your optic nerve can lead to your eye sight to slowly deteriorating, eventually resulting in blindness.

When you have glaucoma, a clear fluid builds up within your eye causing elevated intraocular pressure due to increased fluid production or decreased fluid drainage. Over time, the increased pressure destroys your optic nerve fibers, resulting in vision loss.

How we detect glaucoma

At Aslett-Kurica Eye Center, we provide complete eye examinations where we screen for various diseases and conditions, including glaucoma. We perform simple and painless tests during your regular eye exam that allow us to screen for and diagnose glaucoma. If we discover cause for concern, we talk with you and together, build a treatment plan that works best for you.

glaucoma treatment options

Open Angle Glaucoma is usually treated with medication in the form of eye drops or pills, or with surgery.

medical treatments

With a medical treatment, we prescribe eye drops or pills to control your glaucoma. As this method can produce different results, you and your eye doctor will determine if it’s a good treatment option.

surgical treatments

If medical treatment fails to decrease pressure, a surgical treatment may be your best option. We can perform a safe procedure to reduce pressure in your eye. Surgery options include removing tissue, inserting implants, creating a drainage channel, or a combination of the options to ensure your eye health is restored.

selective laser Trabeculoplasty Treatments

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty treatments, or STL, uses an advanced laser system to target specific cells in your eye, allowing your body’s own healing regiment to lower pressure in your eye. This method does not damage surrounding tissue, is not associated with systemic side effects, and is reimbursed by Medicare and many insurance providers.

Early Detection

It is vital to detect and treat glaucoma early on to avoid permanent vision loss. Glaucoma management is usually a lifelong process that requires frequent monitoring and constant treatment. Call us today and schedule an appointment immediately if you believe you may have glaucoma. Our complete vision exams will detect the disease and we will work together to manage your condition.