Don't Let Presbyopia Slow You Down. Get the Vision Correction Solutions You Need to See Clearly.

When we reach 40, our eyes begin to go through a dramatic change. Vision loss is common, and we can experience presbyopia, or the ability to focus on near-by objects or text. This new vision loss that we experience as we age requires a new vision correction solution.

The experienced ophthalmologists at Aslett-Kurica Eye Center are here to help you find the solutions you need for your vision. As presbyopia is a natural effect of aging and can occur gradually, many people attempt to overcome it by simply holding objects further away from themselves to better see the object clearly. This over compensation, however, can result in eyestrain and cause both headaches and eye irritation.

Our staff offers you corrective solutions that provide you with clearer vision and reduced eyestrain. With a complete exam performed by our qualified ophthalmologists, we can identify any signs of presbyopia and tailor your prescription to help correct and enhance your vision.

We offer corrective prescription in the form of glasses, reading glasses, and contacts to suit your lifestyle and needs. Schedule an appointment with us at Aslett-Kurica Eye Center today if you are over 40 and having trouble seeing up close. We will find you the solution you need and get you back to seeing clearly.